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Proactive International PR celebrates 10 years of success

Proactive International PR, a leading UK-based multimedia public relations consultancy, is marking a decade of ongoing achievement in raising the profile of major technology and telecommunications organisations around the world.

Over the last decade, the B2B consultancy has become established as a leading technology brand with clients across five continents. Built around a core team of marketing and PR professionals based in the Midlands and West Sussex, Proactive PR has successfully delivered campaigns from China and Australia to the Middle East, across Europe and the United States and Canada.

“It seems incredible to be celebrating our 10th birthday of providing truly international communications and content for our expanding client base, many of which are at the forefront of the telecommunications and technology sectors,” said Founder and CEO Brian Dolby. “We cannot thank them enough for their unfailing support and we are already looking forward to sharing further successes with them during the next ten years!”

Proactive PR has grown significantly since it opened for business in April 2010. Its multimedia-based strategies include writing all forms of content for both print and social media and a ‘white label’ TV offering with high-quality filming and presenting skills.

“To be successful you have to consistently deliver world-class communications and I chose the name Proactive because from the start I wanted us to always be exactly that – proactively taking ideas to our clients and working almost as a part of their inner team,” said Dolby. “Our staff follow that ethos passionately and that is what is behind our success and why I am confident our achievements will continue over the next ten years and beyond.”

Proactive PR’s team is made up of former journalists and talented graduates. The agency has a work experience programme in place with the University of Lincoln, called Proactive Pathway. This provides third-year students with the chance to gain hands-on experience, with two former Pathway students going on to secure full-time jobs with Proactive PR.

Dolby added: “For me, one of the proudest things about what we have achieved so far has been recruiting talented young people from the universities across Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicester and turning them into polished, international PR professionals.”

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