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· Strategic messaging deployment

· SEO-optimised written content

· Social media campaign (including paid)


Formerly known as the Mansat Group, River Advisers asked Proactive PR to facilitate and drive the launch of its rebrand. This would require an overhaul of the client’s social media platforms to reflect the company’s new branding and messaging.

The development of rebrand-specific content would also be needed for the new website and to make key journalists within the industry aware of the changes and River Advisers’ services. The goal was to educate the market about the company’s new name and messaging, while highlighting the consultancy services it offers.


Working alongside Threerooms- our partner branding agency - Proactive PR was involved in key discussions surrounding the new messaging, website design and house style required for the rebrand.

The house style and messaging were integrated in written content designed to update key players within the industry on the rebrand. This included the drafting of SEO optimised press releases, blog content, and a ‘frequently asked questions’ document that was provided to journalists on the date of launch. This content was also designed to sit within the client’s website, with a new ‘News and Views section developed to host these.

For social media, Proactive PR was responsible for revamping River Advisers’ LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, updating the handles, logos and bios while utilising new post formats to increase engagement on posts. A social media schedule was devised and implemented to promote the written content and align with the new messaging requested by the client. This also included a paid campaign highlighting the rebrand.


The promotion of River Advisers’ new branding and messaging, both in written content and on social media, helped River Advisers reintroduce itself to its clients, key organisations, and media outlets.

The consistent and cohesive effort across all platforms made for a successful launch, ensuring that all the relevant audience types were notified through multimedia methods. The messaging and content delivered by Proactive PR was tailored to these specific audiences, and reinforced the client as a thought-leader within the satellite and space sector. It also drew attention to its consultancy services.

The successful launch resulted in over 4,200 impressions on social media. In addition to this,  coverage was secured in the client’s target publications including Satellite Evolution, Via Satellite and SatNow.

“Working with Proactive PR, we’ve been impressed by the agency’s seamless integration with our team to effectively drive and develop strong messages across multimedia platforms. The content crafted by Proactive PR, coupled with the coverage achieved in key industry media and the engagement growth on our social media, reflects the excellent service received at all stages of the rebrand campaign and beyond.”– Katherine Gizinski, CEO of River Advisers.

River Advisers

Driving River Advisers’ rebranding launch to enhance engagement and market positioning

River Advisers provides critical consulting on international spectrum regulation, market access, and wrap-around support for ambitious new technologies in the satellite and telecom industry. From start to finish, the company provides industry experience to give life to new projects and propel connectivity and communication technology to new heights.

Technical prowess, extensive experience, and adaptability lie at the heart of its services to save its clients’ time, reduce complexity, and minimise risk.

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