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We earn media coverage and facilitate positive word-of-mouth to enhance your reputation as a thought-leader in your industry


We proudly share 11 years of b2b tech PR experience with our clients who benefit from our niche knowledge and established media contacts.

We understand

We're full time jargon-busters that write about technology every day. We know the trends, the stories that will land and the topics that will engage.


We strive to enhance your reputation, increase trust and credibility in the eyes of your audiences and encourage action on your bottom-line objectives.

Digital PR

We create compelling stories to generate link-worthy PR coverage that raises your reputation as well as your search visibility. 

Media Relations

We help identify and write engaging stories to secure news and feature article coverage with industry and national media titles to raise your profile as a thought leader in your industry.  


Maximising return on investment for your time and spend at events by securing speaking opportunities, creating press coverage to amplify your voice and arranging media briefings to position you as a thought-leader.

Case Studies

Let your work speak for itself. We produce written or video success stories so you can empower your sales teams' pitches, generate leads with website content, or share with the media for an even bigger impact.

Our services

The best results come from a combination of PR channels. We help clients see the opportunities and build a PR strategy that reflects clients' needs and goals.


We write award winning entries to place you in a market-leading position and generate news announcements you'll want to shout about.

Analyst Relations

We arrange analyst briefings so you can contribute market updates to inform influential independent research and market reports.

Driving River Advisers’ rebranding launch to enhance engagement and market positioning

Driving River Advisers’ rebranding launch to enhance engagement and market positioning

River Advisers provides critical consulting on international spectrum regulation, market access, and wrap-around support for ambitious new technologies in the satellite and telecom industry. From start to finish, the company provides industry experience to give life to new projects and propel connectivity and communication technology to new heights.

Technical prowess, extensive experience, and adaptability lie at the heart of its services to save its clients’ time, reduce complexity, and minimise risk.

Establishing a strong national voice on business-critical policy issues

Establishing a strong national voice on business-critical policy issues

Contributing to Gigabit Britain – the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)

Cross-industry global coverage to address cybersecurity

Cross-industry global coverage to address cybersecurity

Speedcast’s new cybersecurity solution needed to launch in multiple global markets across the satellite, maritime, energy and offshore sectors.

Our work

We deliver bespoke PR strategies for each client to address their individual goals. See the impact of our work across our membership, event and commercial clients.

Common Questions

What can I expect working with Proactive PR?

Our dedication makes our clients feel like we are an extension of in-house teams and our proactive approach gives clients more value than what they originally expected. As a consultancy, our clients also gain our specialised b2b tech PR knowledge based on over a decade of experience.

What is my return on investment of PR?

Our approach to PR is focused on tracking measurable results based on unique client targets. We work closely with you to define your aims and objectives and regularly report back on how our work is achieving your goals.

How much time will I need to invest?

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and constantly share ideas and opportunities to alleviate clients’ work and generate results. The best results are achieved when we work as an extension of your team. We arrange meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to fit your schedule, keeping you updated on progress and results.

What costs are involved working with you?

Clients pay for the work we do rather than each hour we spend. This gives clients full transparency for what they're paying for within a monthly retainer contract or a one-off project. There are no hidden costs. 

Get in touch

Get in touch

Trust and credibility is earned

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