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ANGA COM 2023: Key highlights and takeaways

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

ANGA COM 2023 – Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for broadband, television and online – fostered an environment that thrived on collaboration and partnership. Renowned industry leaders, start-ups and visionaries from across the globe met to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the communications sphere.

Here are some of my key highlights from the industry event in Cologne:

Rising attendance

I was one of 22,000 participants from more than 80 countries, which certainly gave the buzz of an established networking event – as it always has done. The organisers claim that these figures reflect an increase of 20% more participants than in 2022, and 10% more than before the pandemic. Personally, it was great to be back in the hustle and bustle of such an event, seeing many new and familiar faces. I always come away from these vibrant and lively events feeling invigorated having shared insight and learnt a lot from the many in attendance.

Exhibitor excellence

The event also saw 470 exhibitors from 35 countries which increased overall stand space by 30%. By exploring both halls of the exhibition centre, there was no doubt that exhibitors had put a strong emphasis on a prominent presence at the event, with many increasing booth space from previous years to showcase impressive stand designs.

The future of connectivity

It was also clear to see the tremendous progress in connectivity solutions within the sector, with an emphasis on 5G, fibre optics and beyond. Solution demonstrations that enable lightning-fast internet speeds and seamless connectivity were key across both the exhibition and the conference.

As we all know, the ever-increasing global demand for connectivity puts pressure on the industry to deliver. While there are challenges in deploying network infrastructure - which was well discussed through the 60+ panels as part of ANGA COM’s conference programme – the global industry is rising to the challenge. The product innovations along with key announcements made by many at ANGA COM emphasised this. Solutions showcased in the two halls varied with many having a focus solving problems like cost, speed of deployment, high-density networks, skills shortages, sustainability, and reliability.

Connected communications

Technology is transforming traditional methods. This is not just the case in terms of network deployments and advancements. It was also visibly noticeable in solution developments at ANGA COM, including the use of cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, allowing visitors to experience the potential of new innovations in real-time.

The same innovation is needed when it comes to content and communication campaigns. While there is still a need to boost brand presence at industry events, it is ever-more important to harness the latest PR and digital marketing techniques to ensure a strong presence not just during events but afterwards too. By building and delivering a cohesive communications strategy and utilising the multiple tools on offer - e.g. Video, paid and organic social media, SEO-optimised content creation etc – the industry can maximise brand awareness and leverage opportunities both via digital and traditional marketing tools.

If you’re interested in building your post-event strategy to maximise your business’ exposure and drive leads long after the event doors close, book a meeting with me here


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