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Do LinkedIn newsletters spell the end for email marketing?

We are all familiar with the power of email marketing. From flash sales, customer relationship management to announcing new products or services, most people’s inboxes are filled with communications from their favourite brands on a daily basis.

But marketing via email also has its drawbacks. Email list management is often difficult and can be time consuming. If not done correctly, poor email list management can damage campaign results. An unhealthy list could mean lower inbox placement rates, unreliable data, and poor understanding of your audience, meaning lower open rates, and higher chances of your content being automatically marked as spam.

Another point also worth bearing in mind is email marketing is limited to the address your subscriber has signed up with; if they move jobs or change their email, they become inactive subscribers. This means even well-crafted emails may not reach intended recipients, reducing the overall impact of the campaign.

Content that follows your audience

As such, it is unsurprising that LinkedIn Newsletters are on the rise - and significantly so. There are now more than 450 million newsletter subscriptions globally, up threefold year-on-year.

LinkedIn Newsletters allow users to subscribe to regular content updates directly on the LinkedIn platform. Unlike traditional email newsletters, LinkedIn Newsletters benefit from being part of the professional social network, making it easier to reach and engage with a targeted audience. Because LinkedIn users typically register with their personal email addresses, your brand content follows the subscriber wherever they go, not just via one single sign-up email address.

Consistently delivering insightful content through LinkedIn Newsletters not only establishes your brand as a credible authority and thought leader but also creates an additional touchpoint to remain top-of-mind with your potential audience.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s network for maximum reach & engagement

With a vast network of decision-makers and industry leaders, LinkedIn provides a ready-made audience for newsletters and gives businesses a direct channel to tap into potential customers. While you may already have a LinkedIn following, relying solely on posts in their feed can limit your reach. Maximising your audience by sending regular newsletters ensures consistent engagement and helps turn connections into leads.

One of the most compelling features of LinkedIn Newsletters is the ability to leverage the network effect of LinkedIn itself. The in-app notification and email function every time you publish a new newsletter edition means you have more chances of eyes on your content. Your content becomes easily shareable, extending its reach far beyond your immediate network and attracting new followers. Integrating seamlessly with other LinkedIn features, these newsletters enhance overall marketing efforts, making it easy to promote through posts and paid strategies such as LinkedIn Ads.

Tips for success

As we know, LinkedIn rewards engaging content. Newsletters that drive interaction and discussion are more likely to be showcased to a wider audience. The more engagement your newsletter receives, the wider its reach becomes, resulting in more meaningful connections within your industry and increasing the pool of interested audience.

Consistency is key when it comes to all aspects of marketing. This is the same for newsletters. Don’t be sporadic. Choose a regular cadence that is doable for your brand and ensure you deliver that newsletter regularly.

Remember, newsletters are an addition to your brand’s library of touchpoints. The content, tone and style of all newsletters must be reflective of your brand personality. Don’t be afraid to showcase this personality in the newsletter content itself. The beauty of LinkedIn newsletters is that you know those who have subscribed are those already interested and invested in your brand. This direct route to your interested audience allows you to communicate directly as if you would in person. Don’t just use the newsletter to sell your solutions and services. Use it to inform, engage, and excite.

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