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Seven ways to maximise your event PR

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Event PR

With IBC, Connected Britain, World Satellite Business Week and ECOC all looming, the Proactive PR team is gearing up for arguably the biggest ‘events season’ of the year. In our latest blog, we share our top tips for event PR to ensure optimum return on your investment.

Start early and ramp up

Whether its media outreach or social media, don’t rely on one piece of content a week before the show to generate interest. Tease your product launches with imaginative social media posts, invest in sponsored campaigns to reach new audiences and be conscious that journalists will receive hundreds of requests for interviews. Take the time to plan a multimedia PR and marketing programme and you will reap the benefits in interest during the event.

Make Your Own News

For some companies, product launches or new customers are the only news worth breaking. But Proactive PR’s Make Your Own News tactic will tap into your most valuable asset – your expertise. Grill your experts on the top trends coming up or the latest challenges facing the industry to create compelling thought leadership content and position your company as an industry leader.

Go multimedia…

If you’re fed up of seeing images of people stood smiling at their booths, then chances are other people don’t want to see that from you! Make sure you think outside the box when it comes to PR and social media and mix up your content with images, GIFs, video clips and audio. From previews and interviews to highlight reels, unique video content can take your message well beyond the show floor.

…And utilise all the tools to do so

Not having an extensive image or video library doesn’t have to be a barrier to multimedia content anymore. With so many AI tools out there, companies have a whole array of options at their fingertips to create unique content that mixes up their digital presence.

Be selective

Think carefully about who you want to attract to your event stand and refine your message for your target audience. Whether getting in front of potential new customers through digital adverts or arranging media interviews, it is quality, not quantity, that counts.

Host your own event

From press conferences and roundtables to networking socials, giving people an extra reason to visit your booth and providing a break from the stand-hopping can make all the difference. Chill the beers, hand out the canapes and concentrate on making real connections.

Think B2C

Events are noisy and standing out in a crowded marketplace is difficult – but utilising B2C PR and marketing tactics can make all the difference here. At the end of the day, you are selling to people so think about fun engaging activities you can tie to your product range. From photo filters to competitions, an initiative that sets you apart from the norm will promote itself.

With more than a decade of experience in event PR and digital marketing, Proactive PR can help ensure you make the most of your investment. Get in touch today at


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