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Establishing a thought-leader in a world full of experts

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

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Making a client stand out from the crowd can be difficult. Within every industry, there will be hundreds of experts capable of discussing the latest trends and innovations, but there are ways of cutting through the noise to get a company’s voice heard and make them the first port of call for publications and outlets.

But how can this be done? There are several methods we use to demonstrate our clients’ expertise and position them as thought leaders within their sectors:

Editorial bylines

Through our strong connections with the media, we can promote your key decision makers within reputable publications and news outlets across the globe. Having your executive’s name and title at the top of any editorial byline not only enhances their credibility but can help highlight them as a trusted expert in their field. By working closely with first-rate publications and aligning content to their editorial focuses, we can help showcase your company’s knowledge and expertise to thousands of potential readers.

Blogs and Whitepapers

Thought leaders are known for innovative thinking. Companies and their employees should take bold stances on industry issues to highlight their own unique perspective. Showcasing your services and the impact they’re having on the world within your own content will make you stand out from the competition and establish your specialists as forward-thinking leaders. With 96% of B2B buyers looking for content backed by thought leaders, the importance of research and authority within your blogs and papers has never been greater.

Speaking slots at trade shows and events

Public speaking opportunities are incredibly important in making an industry star. We can help find and secure speaking engagements at trade shows for your company’s representatives and work with your experts to ensure the keynote, panel slot or roundtable demonstrates their expertise and passion on relevant industry topics. This will help capture the attention and trust of your audience.

Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong social media profile! Developing and utilising a dynamic social media strategy can quickly amplify your employees’ voices across a number of platforms. Through executive profiling and active participation in industry discussions, your experts will be able to share and comment on valuable content, interact regularly with your target audience and foster a loyal and engaged community around themselves and your company.

Webinars and Podcasts

Strategic partnerships and collaborations with other industry thought leaders and influencers can help amplify your company’s thought leadership. Co-creating content with other organisations and experts – be it an interview, webinar, or podcast – can help expand not only your expert but also your company’s reach and credibility. Can’t find a suitable partner? Create your own content and host your own podcast or webinar!

Not sure where to start?

Email to hear more about our strategic and results-driven approach to elevate your company and your specialists to thought leader status.


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