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Staying one step ahead with Competitor Analysis

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Knowing the value of your campaigns and messaging is one thing, but if you truly want to stand out from the crowd, gathering market intelligence on your competitors can help give you the upper hand when it comes to a successful PR and Marketing strategy.

Owned and Earned Media

If you have a good PR agency, you should be getting some major traction in terms of media coverage, but an awareness of your competition’s profile within the media can give you an extra edge. Analysing owned and earned media can help understand the key messages projected by your rivals, while getting an idea of how frequently coverage is earned and where.

Just because a competitor is getting huge amounts of coverage doesn’t necessarily indicate a successful PR campaign, and an investigation into any earned media can quickly highlight whether top-tier publications are engaging with your competitors’ content. Reviewing owned media can reveal a competitor’s ongoing strategy and suggest tools to counteract this.

Social Media

In today’s digital era, a good competitor analysis should also thoroughly assess social media activity. As of 2022, over 361 million organisations are using social platforms for business uses, and these accounts have never been more essential in selling a company’s products or messaging to potential customers. Reviewing these platforms in terms of how they are used and what content is shared can give insight into strengths, weaknesses and missed opportunities for your own social media.

You can also identify future areas to consider as part of the overall marketing plan to increase exposure and generate new traffic and web leads through content. Paid advertisements, executive profiling and community management are just a few of the key tactics we are suggesting to clients to further grow their social media presence and ensure they are reaching those all-important new leads.

SEO Analysis

The domain authority metric is a way of measuring a website’s overall quality. A good competitor analysis will pinpoint how prevalent you are in searches, and directly compare this to your main competitors. We can proactively search for the keywords used by competitors that are generating the most traffic from popular search engines, such as Google, and will look at how you can adopt new language into your own content to leverage new keywords or compete for a share of the traffic.

Analysing these results can offer guidance on how clients can present relevant information successfully, whether this is using long-tail keywords that match the user’s search intent or answering popular questions on a subject to drive engagement on their content. SEO rankings can also be increased through the use of SEO-friendly titles which can be identified through the competitor analysis. The ultimate aim is to identify the best ways to improve your authority score and drive more people to your website.

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