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  • Research and analysis

  • Strategic and message development


Knowing how important the right reputation was to standing out in a competitive field, satellite content distributors KenCast approached Proactive to map their market as they developed new brand positioning.


Using a combination of media research, forensic reporting of social media output and SEO keyword analysis, Proactive was able to not just compare KenCast with its leading competitors but to provide detailed recommendations which become the bedrock of a strategic communications plan. Having a deep understanding of the areas where competitors are weak and where they are strong means KenCast can drive home their advantage in areas of strength while identifying gaps and new opportunities.


Combined with new branding and messaging (developed by a Proactive PR partner agency) we have helped KenCast to redevelop and refocus sales materials and to reintroduce themselves to the media as leaders in their field.


Delivering a market leading reputation using competitor analysis

Developing new positioning and messaging through analysis of competitors strengths and weaknesses.

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