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Leading the way: Harnessing the full potential of LinkedIn for brand communications

In the dynamic landscape of social media, trends and preferences are constantly evolving, reshaping the way individuals and businesses communicate and engage with their audiences. In the world of PR and communications, staying ahead of these shifts is crucial for crafting effective strategies. A recent revelation from the Muck Rack State of PR Report 2023 confirmed the rising trend we have seen among our client base.: LinkedIn has risen to the forefront as the new top social network for communications strategies, dethroning Twitter from its previously held position. This shift, marked by a 5% drop in Twitter's ranking and an impressive 11% surge for LinkedIn, underscores a significant change in the way businesses approach their communications efforts.

The LinkedIn surge: What makes it the new leader?

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform renowned for connecting industry professionals, has swiftly ascended to the top spot for communications strategies. Its unique positioning as a platform designed for business interactions, networking, and industry insights has made it an indispensable tool for crafting and executing effective PR campaigns.

One of the factors contributing to LinkedIn's surge is its alignment with the changing landscape of B2B communication. Businesses are recognising the importance of engaging with their audience in a professional context, and LinkedIn provides the ideal environment for this purpose. Whether it's sharing thought leadership articles, engaging in meaningful discussions, or showcasing company updates, LinkedIn allows brands to establish authority within their industries.

Twitter's downfall as a pitching channel

The report also highlights a significant shift away from Twitter as an effective channel for pitching stories to journalists. Compared to last year, Twitter has been cited 10% less often as a reliable platform for reaching out to journalists. This downturn in Twitter's appeal can be attributed to several factors that have diminished its effectiveness as a pitching tool.

Firstly, the sheer volume of content on Twitter often leads to messages being lost in the noise. With the platform's rapid and real-time nature, important announcements and pitches can easily get buried under the constant stream of tweets. This, in turn, hampers the chances of targeted journalists noticing and engaging with the content.

Secondly, the character limit imposed by Twitter restricts the depth and complexity of messages. In the context of PR and communications, where conveying detailed and nuanced information is crucial, this limitation can be a hindrance.

The power of LinkedIn for PR strategies

The rise of LinkedIn as a communications powerhouse is not merely due to Twitter's decline but also reflects the unique benefits LinkedIn offers. Unlike Twitter's rapid-paced nature, LinkedIn fosters more thoughtful and in-depth interactions. This provides PR professionals with the space to craft well-articulated pitches and engage in meaningful conversations with journalists, industry experts, and potential collaborators.

LinkedIn's focus on professional connections ensures that content is more likely to reach the right audience – professionals who are genuinely interested in the subject matter. This precision targeting enhances the effectiveness of communications strategies, resulting in higher engagement rates and a stronger impact.


The shifting tides of the social media landscape demand that PR and communications professionals adapt and evolve their strategies accordingly. The Muck Rack State of PR Report 2023's findings underscore a pivotal transition: LinkedIn has emerged as the new leader for communications strategies, while Twitter's efficacy as a pitching channel has dwindled With businesses and PR professionals undoubtedly waking up to the advantages LinkedIn offers, a robust social media strategy that cuts through the noise to foster meaningful connections and insightful interactions is crucial if brands want to reach new heights of success.

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