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Being Proactive in PR

It’s not just in our name – we strive to be proactive in everything we do for our clients. Taking this approach leads to effective PR and Marketing strategies, stand-out coverage, and long-term partnerships.

In this blog, Senior PR Consultant Callum Dunnington shares what being ‘P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E’ means to him:

Plan ahead for success

Marketers that develop clear strategies are 331% more likely to be successful than those that don’t.

By planning ahead, an agency can deliver more strategic, effective campaigns that align PR activities to their clients’ goals and requirements. This means sitting down as a team to discuss plans and objectives and turning these into a cohesive roadmap.

The best agencies will then tweak this plan throughout the programme, ensuring content remains fresh for your target audience and is delivering on goals.

Reputation management

According to a report from Sprout, 54% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that are open and communicate with their audience regarding their online reputation.

Reputation management can come in many forms: from statements to media to direct responses to users on social media. Taking a proactive approach and putting out valuable content can help reinforce positive narratives about a business’ products and services.

Ongoing content creation

Engaging content is a crucial tool for businesses looking to maintain strong brand visibility. A consistent stream of content creation can boost SEO efforts and search engine rankings, while positioning the client as a thought-leader within its market.

There is a vast range of content types – from feature articles, videos (both long form and short form), blogs and social media posts to technical webinars, podcasts and more. Interestingly, 55% of B2B buyers now find video to be the most useful content type for marketing. A proactive agency will be able to tell you exactly which of these content streams is most suitable for your campaigns and how to utilise them successfully.

Audience engagement

Listening to customers is key. According to Sprout, 70% of consumers expect a company to provide personalised responses to customer service needs on social media.

Proactive community management across your digital channels can help foster loyalty and customer satisfaction, leading to better customer retention and an engaged audience base. Keeping an open dialogue with customers will also lead to a greater market understanding, ensuring products and services continue to resonate and serve effectively.

Collaborative media relationships

Strong relationships with publications and journalists leads to optimal coverage of your activities and announcements – and this takes more than just putting news out on a wire service and calling it a day.

Building personal relationships with relevant publications will help you see pick-up in the outlets you want to be in. Targeted distributions and helpful follow-ups will maintain a consistent drum-beat of news after the initial launch and encourage journalists to reach out for further insight.

Thought leadership

Demonstrating thought leadership positions a business as an authority in its industry, amplifying credibility and influence on potential new customers. 48% of thought leadership pieces results in actual leads and sales, while 54% percent of business decision makers spend more than one hour per week reading and reviewing other companies’ content.

But content for content’s sake is not effective. Any collateral needs to be in-line with campaigns and placed in relevant publications to reach the right audience.

Innovative campaigns

Capturing market attention can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a strategy in place. Surprisingly, 67% of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have no marketing action plan, hindering their chances of generating greater awareness of their offerings.

Just an ounce of creativity can lead to viral success and buzz around services, generating higher engagement and interest. Whether taking inspiration from campaigns in other sectors and applying a twist or brining fresh ideas, creative concepts can help your business boom.

Vigilant trend monitoring

Actively monitoring the latest industry news and trends, ensures businesses remain informed and stay ahead of the curve.

A lot of noise comes from the tech industry, with new announcements, updates and services launched every day. We track and analyse this information to find opportunities for our clients and generate ideas to evolve their campaigns, helping them remain competitive in an increasingly overcrowded sector.

Effective measurement

Measuring success is an important aspect of assessing what works and what doesn’t in business’ PR and marketing strategy.

From visibility, reach and output, tracking results achieved enables continuous improvement. This might also include a competitor analysis and looking at share of voice. The data compiled can be used to inform future strategies, ensuring resources are used effectively to boost or maintain market position.

  • Maintaining awareness requires a lot of planning and proactivity. This makes Proactive International PR a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. With extensive team resources and expertise, we help clients globally to remain proactive in their PR and marketing efforts through a variety of methods. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please speak to our Marketing Director, Jade Hush by booking a meeting or emailing Jade at


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