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MWC 2024 – top marketing dos and don’ts

As of today, we have less than two weeks to go until Mobile World Congress 2024; your booth is booked, product demos have been planned and practised, and the branded merchandise is ready to ship. But as one exhibitor of many across the Fira Gran Via’s nine halls, how can you maximise your return on investment and generate those all-important sales leads?


Here, we share our top PR and marketing dos and don’ts for one of the biggest events on the telecoms calendar.


Do… Be prepared


It’s no longer enough to turn up to an event and hope your stand is attractive enough to draw in the crowds. With an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing what you want to get out of the event, what messages you want to push, and who you need to target to achieve your goals is incredibly important.


If media coverage to ensure longevity of your messaging after the event is a goal, thousands of journalists have already signed up to attend Mobile World Congress – have you asked for the press list yet? Do you know which journalists are covering which topics?



Don’t… hit ‘send to all’ and hope


Nothing annoys a journalist like a pitch outside of their scope. Not every journalist on the list will be interested or, more importantly, relevant to your brand and objectives. When it comes to media relations, quality really does trump quantity; take the time to research journalists’ specialist areas, check out what they’ve written about recently and tailor your pitch accordingly.



Do… Make Your Own News


This tactic has seen some great successes for our clients. Delve into the expertise of your team or your own data to create compelling thought leadership content that will position your company as a thought leader.



Don’t… save all your news for the event


With so many players attending, smaller companies can get drowned out at Mobile World Congress. Timing announcements during the event means they could get knocked off the news agendas by bigger players. Aim for the week, or even a couple of weeks, before the event to avoid the busier news day and claim your spot on the editorial agenda.



Do… be creative with your social media


Most companies are probably guilty of suddenly remembering they need an image to send to their social media team for posting and quick snapping an image of their booth with whoever they can grab standing nearby… But think of your social media page as your portal to take your message beyond the show floor. Get creative and showcase your event highlights direct from your stand through quick preview teasers, product demos, news interviews and highlights reels.


With more than a decade of experience managing PR and digital marketing campaigns for clients attending Mobile World Congress, we have a range of expertise and tactics that will help ensure you make the most out of Mobile World Congress 2024 and maximise that all important return on investment. For more information, email or book a meeting with our marketing director Jade Hush who will be onsite at MWC.


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