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SATELLITE 2023 – Making connections and maximising collaboration

“Leaning in, Linking up” was the tagline of SATELLITE 2023, in Washington D.C, and this couldn’t have been more meaningful for my first experience of the leading satellite communications event. I ‘leaned in’ to what is a strong, buoyant industry, and ‘linked up’ with some fantastic clients, contacts and colleagues with extensive satellite knowledge and experience.

With more than 12,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors, the event brought industry professionals together from across the globe to bridge the digital divide, innovate new space solutions and encourage collaboration. This was evident from the hordes of people congregating in the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre entrance hall, to the filled ‘Unveiling Theatre’ where presentations were given throughout the event (not forgetting the conference rooms), and to the buzzing exhibition hall.

The future of satellite communications

The amount of insight and innovations the satellite industry has to offer is immense. Key points prevalent across the event included the rise of mega-constellations, new and emerging satellite technologies, the impact of 5G (and 6G in years to come) right through to the need for cyber security measures in satellite communications.

What could not be missed was how the wireless and satellite industries are so intrinsically linked. Both serve to enhance the other and the partnership between both industries is key in making communications better than ever before. While the partnership brings many benefits, the event was not afraid to discuss the challenges that comes with it, along with how to overcome the obstacles should a collaborative effort be taken.

Over in the exhibit hall, these great ambitions were backed by innovative product and service offerings from suppliers across the complete satellite industry – further highlighting that sharing solutions, services and knowledge are the key to industry success.

To infinity and beyond

The discussions, presentations, and product demonstrations at SATELLITE 2023 painted an exciting picture of the future of satellite technology. With new advancements in technology and increasing demand for satellite services, the satellite industry is clearly poised for continued growth and innovation in the years to come.

It goes without saying that Proactive PR will continue to support this growth and innovation through our work with existing and new clients in the satellite sector, ensuring their communications go beyond traditional PR and marketing methods and help them stand out in a buoyant market.

If you would like to know how we can help you take your PR and Digital Marketing to new heights, please book a 30-minute discovery session with me at


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