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The Big Day: Taking Your First Step into the World of Work

The Big Day

Do you remember it? That first day when you enter the world of work for the first time. While you might have done odd jobs or even work experience, The Big Day is when your career gets off the ground – when you make that serious step into the world of work.

It is a long time ago for me now but I still remember my first “commute” into Nottingham and meeting all these “grown-ups” in the office for the first time. Some were kind and helpful – some less so as another youngster appeared in their midst.

Support and preparation

It is a daunting day that we all have to get through. And that is why I’m so delighted to see that universities across the country are at last taking the initiative to help prepare our young people for that day. Here at Proactive PR, we have a good track record of working with our educational friends at the University of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham.

For example, our unique Proactive Pathway scheme, which we run with the University of Lincoln, gives students ten weeks of work experience with us where they are embedded into a team and work closely with clients from all over the world. This not only boosts their portfolio but gives them international experience of dealing with different cultures and time zones that they probably wouldn’t otherwise experience.

For us, schemes like this provide great benefit to both the students and the employers. Graduates leave university equipped with real world experience and solid skills they can take into a job and employers have confidence that the graduates they are taking on have the basic skills needed to enable them to make a valuable contribution from Day One.

New talent

For us it has paid rich dividends as we now have an incredible, dynamic and enthusiastic team, led by experienced professionals with a wide knowledge and a temperament to support and help their new colleagues. At a time when PR is moving and changing rapidly into the world of online marketing and sales support techniques, the teamwork this environment creates is a key factor in how we proactively support our clients and search out new services to support them in their own world.

We are always amazed by how quickly people settle in and integrate into our teams. And the drive by universities to help their students understand what is required and how they should prepare themselves – both for interviews and the job itself – can only help further as we go forward.

That is great for our industry and what we can offer to our customers worldwide.


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