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MPC Alliance, with the platinum sponsorship backing of Facebook (now META), set out to increase awareness and drive 500 registrations to its first industry all-day event.


We shared the new event with our contacts at key industry media titles to raise awareness of the event by securing PR coverage. To drive registrants, Proactive PR delivered a social strategy which included 23 bespoke targeted paid campaigns across Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook. Organic social media content supported the campaign, with Proactive PR taking on the role of community management to ensure inquiries and engagement on social media posts were handled efficiently to drive awareness and interest into action. To create engaging content for social, 35 graphic assets were remastered and optimised for each social profile and message across the campaign to promote key speakers and event topics.


The event announcement gained a total of 46 pieces of coverage in key titles such as Technology Magazine. The social media campaign generated an increase of 151.4% of online engagement with post clicks increasing by 120.4%. Overall, the increased event awareness and engagement resulted in a total of 585 event registrants. We are delighted to see the MPC Alliance’s first event attract so many visitors and interest from the media to help position the alliance in the sector and raise its profile for the future.

MPC Alliance

Driving attendance to a new industry virtual event

MPC Alliance is an industry alliance with nearly 50 member companies ranging from innovative new tech start-ups to fortune 500 companies. These companies share a vision of driving industry awareness, acceptance, and adoption of Mult-Party Computation to improve online privacy and security.

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