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· Strategy and message development


To establish the company as a thought leader in their key areas of business, Proactive PR developed a programme of executive profiling on social media.


Four leaders from within Telent’s business were identified for having a key position within their sector and a good following on social media. For each person, we developed an individual content plan that both reflected their own areas of expertise and linked to and amplified key corporate announcements made on Telent’s social media channels. We created authentic, topical and highly shareable content that has boosted the individuals’ reputations and supported the growth of Telent’s main social media platforms.


Since taking over the social media accounts for the four Telent leaders, followers of Telent have increased by 51%. Overall there were 81,290 combined post views in 2021


Growing an audience through executive profiling

Using business leaders to build a reputation Critical digital infrastructure firm Telent is the power behind many essential services delivered across the country and in a variety of sectors.

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