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With traditional emails reporting an average open rate of 35.6% , Proactive PR set out to create a newsletter that would deliver marketing and industry insights leveraging its already established LinkedIn followers, while looking to increase average open rate beyond the traditional marketing methods.


To increase Proactive PR’s visibility, reach and influence across LinkedIn through a monthly newsletter. We wanted to enable our experts to share the latest PR, marketing, and industry insights directly with our followers. The content should inform, educate and excite, with topics selected including new service announcements, event updates, and insight into the latest industry trends


Following the launch of the LinkedIn newsletter, 36.49% of our total LinkedIn followers have opted in to receive the additional newsletter service. Of those subscribers, 53.7% describe themselves as being at senior level or higher. In 2024, our LinkedIn newsletters have received a 66% open rate across 6-months that’s almost double the average email open rate according to Mailchimp.

Proactive PR

Leveraging LinkedIn followers through in-platform newsletters

LinkedIn newsletters have become a powerful tool for building brand, establishing expertise and engaging with followers. The relatively new feature allows businesses’ company page followers to subscribe to regular content updates directly through the platform.  

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