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· Strategy and message development


Being seen as a strong and reputable partner who shares the same objectives and values has become a crucial part of being asked to bid for and winning competitive business contracts. Critical digital infrastructure firm Telent knows that the first stage to demonstrating its strong partnership credentials lies in having a clear and comprehensive understanding of the landscape it and its potential customers operate in. Establishing that bedrock of knowledge is the first step to building a successful reputation and being seen as a trusted partner of choice.


To help inform future communications activities, Proactive PR used state of the art research tools and in-depth knowledge of one of our clients’ key sectors to develop a bespoke monthly insights report. The report combined an in-depth review of key issues in the national and regional media as well as a deep dive into the output of key stakeholders on social media in order to develop a full picture of the entire market. Each month, Proactive PR’s experts examined the research and provided recommendations to Telent on the topics to focus on (and which to avoid) in the coming month in order to maintain its position as a key player in that sector.


As a result of this increased intelligence, Telent has developed a clear communications plan and seen an increase in engagement with their key messages.


Using market intelligence to develop data-driven strategic communications plans

Building communications strategy based on comprehensive market insight

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