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River Advisers approached Proactive PR to deliver a Google Search Campaign, to align with its recent rebrand campaign. The primary goal was to boost overall inbound website leads, focusing on key search terms associated with River Advisers. The aim was to elevate the company’s rankings and secure the #1 position in search results.


Proactive PR created a core keyword list linked to River Advisers. This list included keywords the client should be ranking for on Google, highlighting key search terms directly associated with their services. Once finalised, supporting content was created to complement the visual aspects of the campaign. This included creating meta descriptions, headlines, captions, and assets, all strategically designed to support the campaign launch.


As a result of the Google Search Campaign, we saw a significant increase in new website sessions for River Advisers. Additionally, there was an additional 1,002 visits and 24,400 brand impressions generated from the campaign, equating to a 51% increase in website traffic.

River Advisers now appears on the first page for its name and in the top search engine results on Google for key search terms. This contributes to the website achieving a higher domain authority score, a crucial requirement following the rebrand.

River Advisers

River Advisers Google Search Campaign

River Advisers provides critical consulting on international spectrum regulation, market access, and wrap-around support for ambitious new technologies in the satellite and telecom industry. From start to finish, the company provides industry experience to give life to new projects and propel connectivity and communication technology to new heights.

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