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Top B2B PR and digital marketing trends in 2024

As 2024 gets underway, we share the top seven PR and digital marketing tactics that all B2B technology companies should have on their radar.


1.     AI (again)

AI dominated industry chatter last year – and we have every expectation it will again in 2024. This year, however, the conversation will move on significantly. As the debate continues, PR professionals are likely to become more open about how they are using it to streamline their operations and bring new services to their clients. As the debate around ethics and standards continues to intensify, trust will become increasingly important.


2.     Podcasting

From lifestyle to business, and everything in between, there’s a podcast for that. But businesses are only just beginning to tap into the power of podcasting from a marketing perspective. With more than a nod to one of our predictions for 2023 that content remains king, podcasts can help build a loyal brand following and reach new audiences.  


3.     Quality not quantity

We like to be ahead of the curve, which is why, when it comes to delivering results for our clients, we have always prioritised media relations over wire services. This approach is increasingly valued by our clients and we expect to see more of the industry following this strategy throughout 2024.


4.     Targeted strategy/strategic targeting

Closely linked to Trend 3, the rise of digital ads has opened PR and Marketing professionals’ eyes to the power of targeting niche audiences. We are seeing increased awareness around getting content to the most relevant channels, rather than the spray and pray approach.


To put their brand in front of the right people at the right time, organisations need to consider who their key target audience is and the best channels to reach them before implementing a PR strategy.    


5.     TikTok-style marketing

When it comes to video in 2024, less will continue to be more. Whatever the platform, businesses using video should aim for short, attention-grabbing content to avoid getting lost in the noise.


6.     Trust and integrity

AI, creative campaigns, data-driven stories are all excellent assets for a PR agency to have – but not if trust and integrity is compromised as a result. Misinformation is on the rise and businesses need a PR partner that will ensure facts are checked and the numbers stack up, as well as speak up if a story is lacking the newsworthiness needed for it to resonate.


7.     R&R (Recruitment and Retention)

With many industries experiencing skills shortages, many organisations are beginning to think how PR could not only build their brand to boost sales but also strengthen their reputation as a good place to work. From digital ads to content campaigns, a PR programme targeted at employees and potential new recruits can bring significant business benefits.


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